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Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes Episodes: — The youngest of the three Braxton brothers, Casey was seen alongside Brax and Heath when they intimidated Romeo in an attempt to get Miles to drop an assault charge against Heath although Casey himself remained silent and detached during the conversation. Casey began getting on better with Romeo after he covered for him when they argued in class. He kept quiet about it when he ran into Romeo and Indigo soon after but when Charlie and Sid came to the school making enquiries Romeo accused him of knowing something and he apparently told them what he knew. He initially seemed unimpressed with Ruby when she had a go at him for getting Romeo into trouble and she was annoyed when he made an innocent comment about her lack of surfing ability. He joined Romeo in trying to convince Heath and the other River Boys not to cause so much hassle on the beach but their hard work was undone when John Palmer read the boys the riot act and Casey refused to help Romeo and Ruby speak to them again. Romeo offered to help him with an assignment but Heath was deliberately obstructive whilst they were trying to study and his mother Cheryl also gave him no encouragement. He gave Ruby a surfing lesson, then kissed her and, when he learned Romeo had advised her to stay away from him, got into a fight with him at school. He then went to see Ruby and told her he wanted to go out with her.


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Casey made his first on-screen appearance on 17 February Younes was about to go travelling when he auditioned for the role of Casey. He changed his plans upon winning the role. In late the Seven Network began airing trailers for a new trio of characters known as “The River Boys”. Casey is characterised as being a “modern day Rebel Without a Cause “; who is intelligent and unsure about what he wants out of life.

Younes has described him as the “epitome of teenage angst”. Casey is portrayed as wanting to distance himself from their bad reputation; but his anger issues often mar his attempts.

Casey Braxton

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What is Casey doing now? Casey, 32, lives in South Florida in the home of Patrick McKenna , a private detective who was the lead investigator on her defense team.

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Subscriber Account active since. Shortly after the show began filming, the pair began dating in real life, too, but they kept their off-screen relationship private. Over the past year, there have been reports that the two broke up, got back together, and broke up again. But Sprouse only recently confirmed in an Instagram post that the two were dating and had officially split in March. Here’s a timeline of the on-again, off-again relationship between the two “Riverdale” stars. This was the first post on Reinhart’s Instagram that showed the pair together without the rest of their “Riverdale” cast.

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Self-admitted Florida party boy Casey was only looking for a casual fling, but found way more than he bargained for with sweet Ashley and they have been together ever since. Recently there have been some dark clouds in the Sunshine State. Ashley and Casey believe that if they can survive Temptation Island their previous deeds and mistrust can be left firmly in the past and they can move forward with total confidence. Can they swipe right on a future together? Skip to main content. S2 Ep1 The Journey Begins Scene 5 Casey chats amicably with the singles at the guys villa mixer, and steps outside to have a more in-depth convo with Payton.

S2 Ep1 The Journey Begins Scene 6 Ashley puts her best foot forward during initial mixer at the girls villa and seems to strike up a rapport with Ben.

Casey Anthony is considering having another child: report

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Home and Away star Lincoln Younes has revealed that his character Casey Braxton soon gets involved in a fight at school. The youngest Braxton brother gets into a heated argument with teacher in a future episode, leading him to throw a punch. The teacher provokes Casey’s recent struggles since his relationship break-up with Henri Emma Leonard by making personal comments along the lines of “It was common knowledge among the teachers that Henri was a cheap tart”. Principal Gina Sonia Todd attempts to mediate the incident, but the teacher demands that Casey be charged and police visit the teenager at home.

Younes recently revealed that his on-screen brother Dan Ewing gives him dating advice. Type keyword s to search. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. This commenting section is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page.

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‘Home and Away’ Casey Braxton to punch a teacher

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The original River Boys caused a stir on Home and Away a few years ago Casey Braxton, Brodie Uptown, Stu Henderson, Pee Wee, Rick, Danny, Mick, Gordo, After the death of his ex girlfriend, Kat Chapman, and their unborn baby, in the.

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An interesting spoiler snippet about Home and Away ‘s Casey Braxton has emerged today, indicating that he could be heading in a new direction later this year. According to TV Week , Lincoln Younes, who plays the character, recently took a few weeks off from filming because he was busy working on the third run of drama series Tangle. Dan Ewing – better known as the young actor’s on-screen brother Heath – confirmed that a storyline has been created to explain Lincoln’s disappearance from screens.

Speaking cryptically, Ewing told the magazine: “[Casey] won’t be coming back the same teenager that he was. I think where he’s been is going to harden him up…”.

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